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FXPlot2D Member List

This is the complete list of members for FXPlot2D, including all inherited members.

_bgRepaintFXPlot2D [protected]
addCurve(const FXString &label, FXCurveData *x, FXCurveData *y, FXCurve::CurveStyle style=FXCurve::Lines)FXPlot2D
addCurve(FXCurve *FXCurve)FXPlot2D
auxWFXPlot2D [protected]
axisxFXPlot2D [protected]
axisyFXPlot2D [protected]
bgFXPlotBase [protected]
commFXPlotBase [protected]
Commands enum nameFXPlot2D
create(void) (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
curvesFXPlot2D [protected]
curvesmenuFXPlot2D [protected]
drawAuxWindows(FXDC *dc, FXint rootx, FXint rooty)FXPlot2D [protected]
drawGrid(FXDC *dc, FXint rootx, FXint rooty)FXPlot2D [protected]
drawLegend(FXDC *dc, FXint rootx, FXint rooty)FXPlot2D [protected]
drawPlot(FXDC *dc, FXint rootx, FXint rooty)FXPlot2D [protected]
drawSelf(FXDC *dc, FXint rootx, FXint rooty)FXPlot2D [virtual]
flagsFXPlot2D [protected]
FXPlot2D()FXPlot2D [inline, protected]
FXPlot2D(FXComposite *parent, FXString name)FXPlot2D
FXPlotBase()FXPlotBase [inline, protected]
FXPlotBase(FXComposite *parent, FXString Name)FXPlotBase
getBottomAxis()FXPlot2D [inline]
getLeftAxis()FXPlot2D [inline]
getRightAxis()FXPlot2D [inline]
getTopAxis()FXPlot2D [inline]
gridFXPlotBase [protected]
GridShown enum value (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D [protected]
ID_FIRST enum value (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
ID_GRID enum value (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
ID_LAST enum value (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
ID_LEGEND enum value (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
ID_PROPERTIES enum value (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
ID_SAVE enum value (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
ID_SHOW_ALL enum value (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
ID_ZOOM_OUT enum value (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
imgFXPlotBase [protected]
layout(void) (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
legendFontFXPlot2D [protected]
LegendMask enum value (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D [protected]
LegendMoving enum value (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D [protected]
legendRectFXPlot2D [protected]
legendRect2FXPlot2D [protected]
LegendShown enum value (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D [protected]
mainmenuFXPlot2D [protected]
Modes enum nameFXPlot2D [protected]
nameFXPlotBase [protected]
newFactor()FXPlot2D [protected]
onCmdToogleGrid(FXObject *obj, FXSelector sel, void *ptr) (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
onCmdToogleLegend(FXObject *obj, FXSelector sel, void *ptr) (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
onFocusOut(FXObject *, FXSelector, void *ptr) (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
onKeyPress(FXObject *, FXSelector, void *ptr) (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
onKeyRelease(FXObject *, FXSelector, void *ptr) (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
onLeftBtnPress(FXObject *, FXSelector, void *ptr) (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
onLeftBtnRelease(FXObject *, FXSelector, void *ptr) (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
onMotion(FXObject *, FXSelector, void *ptr) (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
onPaint(FXObject *, FXSelector, void *ptr) (defined in FXPlotBase)FXPlotBase
onProperties(FXObject *obj, FXSelector sel, void *ptr) (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
onRightBtnPress(FXObject *, FXSelector, void *ptr) (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
onSave(FXObject *, FXSelector, void *ptr) (defined in FXPlotBase)FXPlotBase
onShowAll(FXObject *, FXSelector, void *ptr) (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
onZoomOut(FXObject *obj, FXSelector sel, void *ptr) (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
putRectangleInside(FXRectangle &outer, FXRectangle &r)FXPlot2D [protected, static]
recalc(void) (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D
removeCurve(FXCurve *FXCurve, FXbool del=TRUE)FXPlot2D
saveImage(const FXString &file)FXPlotBase
selCurveFXPlot2D [protected]
setCommonPen(const FXPlotPen &pen)FXPlotBase
setGrid(FXbool on=TRUE)FXPlot2D [inline]
setGridPen(const FXPlotPen &pen)FXPlotBase
setLegend(FXbool on=TRUE)FXPlot2D [inline]
setRanges(const FXDoubleRect &rect)FXPlot2D [protected]
setRanges(double xmin, double xmax, double ymin, double ymax)FXPlot2D
updateCursor(FXEvent *event)FXPlot2D [protected]
updateCurves(void)FXPlot2D [protected]
zoomfinalFXPlot2D [protected]
zoominFXPlot2D [protected]
zoominitFXPlot2D [protected]
ZoomInMode enum value (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D [protected]
ZoomMask enum value (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D [protected]
zoomoutFXPlot2D [protected]
ZoomOutMode enum value (defined in FXPlot2D)FXPlot2D [protected]
~FXPlotBase()FXPlotBase [virtual]

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