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FXCurve Member List

This is the complete list of members for FXCurve, including all inherited members.

axisxFXCurve [protected]
axisyFXCurve [protected]
calculatedFXCurve [protected]
calcule(FXint rootx, FXint rooty)FXCurve
Circle enum value (defined in FXCurve)FXCurve
CurveStyle enum nameFXCurve
dataxFXCurve [protected]
datayFXCurve [protected]
drawMark(FXDC *dc, FXPoint p, MarkStyle style, FXint size, FXColor color) const FXCurve [protected, virtual]
drawMarks(FXDC *dc) const FXCurve [protected, virtual]
drawSample(FXDC *p, FXint x, FXint y, FXbool line=false) const FXCurve
drawSelf(FXDC *dc, FXint rootx, FXint rooty)FXCurve [virtual]
drawSteps(FXDC *dc) const FXCurve [protected, virtual]
FXCurve(const FXString &label, FXCurveData *x, FXCurveData *y, CurveStyle style=Lines, FXPlot2D *view=NULL)FXCurve
getDataX(void)FXCurve [inline]
getDataY(void)FXCurve [inline]
getLabel() const FXCurve [inline]
getMarkColor(void) const FXCurve [inline]
getMarkSize(void) const FXCurve [inline]
getMarkStyle(void) const FXCurve [inline]
getPen(void) const FXCurve [inline]
getStyle() const FXCurve [inline]
labelFXCurve [protected]
Lines enum value (defined in FXCurve)FXCurve
loadDefault(FXuint width, FXuint counter)FXCurve
markFXCurve [protected]
markcolorFXCurve [protected]
marksizeFXCurve [protected]
MarkStyle enum nameFXCurve
NoCurve enum value (defined in FXCurve)FXCurve
NoMark enum value (defined in FXCurve)FXCurve
penFXCurve [protected]
plotFXCurve [protected]
pointsFXCurve [protected]
setAxis(FXAxis *x, FXAxis *y)FXCurve
setLabel(FXString curveName)FXCurve
setMarkColor(FXColor color)FXCurve [inline]
setMarkSize(FXint size)FXCurve [inline]
setMarkStyle(MarkStyle m)FXCurve [inline]
setPen(const FXPlotPen &pen)FXCurve [inline]
setStyle(CurveStyle style)FXCurve [inline]
setView(FXPlot2D *view)FXCurve
Square enum value (defined in FXCurve)FXCurve
Steps enum value (defined in FXCurve)FXCurve
styleFXCurve [protected]
Triangle enum value (defined in FXCurve)FXCurve
TriangleInv enum value (defined in FXCurve)FXCurve
update()FXCurve [inline]
X enum value (defined in FXCurve)FXCurve
~FXCurve()FXCurve [virtual]

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