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FXPlot Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
FXAxisAbstraction of a axis for a FXPlot2D
FXAxisMarkStructure of a major mark on an Axis
FXCurveA FXCurve to be plotted in a FXPlot2D
FXCurveDataFXCurve data
FXCurveRecordRecord for Curve settings to be used by the dialog
FXDoubleRectRectangle for double values
FXPlot2DClass for visualizing FXCurve's in a 2D plot
FXPlot2DDiagClass for editing the properties of a FXPlot2D
FXPlotBaseAbstract base class for a plot
FXPlotPenClass representing a pen to write on an device context
FXSPCClass for an Statistical Process Control chart
FXSPCCurveClass for an Statistical Process Control curve This class should not be used directly by the user

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