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FXPlotPen Struct Reference

Class representing a pen to write on an device context. More...

#include <FXPlotBase.h>

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Public Types

enum  Style {
  Solid = LINE_SOLID,
 The pen styles.
enum  CapStyle {
  Flat = CAP_NOT_LAST,
  RoundCap = CAP_ROUND
 The cap styles.
enum  JoinStyle {
  MiterJoin = JOIN_MITER,
  BevelJoin = JOIN_BEVEL,
  RoundJoin = JOIN_ROUND
 The join styles.

Public Member Functions

 FXPlotPen (FXColor color=FXRGB(0, 0, 0), FXint width=0, Style style=Solid, CapStyle cap=Flat, JoinStyle join=MiterJoin)
 Create a pen with a color cor, style st and width w.
FXbool operator== (const FXPlotPen &p) const
 Checks if a given pen has equal settings.

Public Attributes

FXColor color
 The color of the pen.
FXint style
 The pen style, one of the Style enumerator.
CapStyle cap
 Cap style.
JoinStyle join
 Join styel.
FXuint width
 The width of the pen.

Detailed Description

Class representing a pen to write on an device context.

The class FXPlotPen holds some useful information when drawing lines:

For drawing curves on a device context some configuration function must called on it to get the desired behavior. When using the class FXPlotPen all the configuration is done by:

 dc << pen;

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