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FXPlotBase Class Reference

Abstract base class for a plot. More...

#include <FXPlotBase.h>

Inheritance diagram for FXPlotBase:

FXPlot2D FXSPC List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 FXPlotBase (FXComposite *parent, FXString Name)
 Create a new FXPlotBase, must be called by classes inheriting from this class.
virtual ~FXPlotBase ()
 Virtual destructor, releases the double buffer data.
void setGridPen (const FXPlotPen &pen)
 Set the grid pen.
void setCommonPen (const FXPlotPen &pen)
 Set the common pen.
FXbool saveImage (const FXString &file)
 Save the image drawed by drawSelf() to the file named file.
virtual void drawSelf (FXDC *p, FXint rootx=0, FXint rooty=0)
 Function called to draw the contents of this plot.
void create (void)
long onPaint (FXObject *, FXSelector, void *ptr)
long onSave (FXObject *, FXSelector, void *ptr)

Protected Member Functions

 FXPlotBase ()

Protected Attributes

FXImage * img
 Double buffering image.
FXString name
 Plot title.
FXPlotPen grid
 The grid pen.
FXPlotPen comm
 The commom pen.
FXColor bg
 Background color.

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for a plot.

The FXFXPlotBase class provides some base functionalities like: exporting or printing the plot to file, double buffering mechanism, etc. Furthermore, this class try to wrap the graphical library functions being used (FOX-toolkit) making this library easy to port to other libraries with not much effort.

To create a plot widget, simply subclass FXPlotBase and provide a implementation for the virtual function drawSelf();

See also:

Definition at line 188 of file FXPlotBase.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void FXPlotBase::drawSelf FXDC *  p,
FXint  rootx = 0,
FXint  rooty = 0
[inline, virtual]

Function called to draw the contents of this plot.

All classes inheriting from FXPlotBase should provide a implementation for this function. The default implementation does nothing.

Reimplemented in FXPlot2D, and FXSPC.

Definition at line 227 of file FXPlotBase.h.

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