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FXSPC Class Reference

Class for an Statistical Process Control chart. More...

#include <FXSPC.h>

Inheritance diagram for FXSPC:

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Public Member Functions

 FXSPC (FXComposite *parent, const FXString &title)
 Creates a control chart.
void drawSelf (FXDC *dc, FXint rootx, FXint rooty)
 Draw this plot in the device context dc.
void setData (FXCurveData *y, double mean, double lower, double upper, double lowerSpec, double upperSpec)
 Changes the current curve of the chart.
virtual ~FXSPC ()

Protected Attributes

double upper [2]
 The upper control limit curve.
double lower [2]
 The lower control limit curve.
double upperSpec [2]
 The upper specification limit curve.
double lowerSpec [2]
 The lower specification limit curve.
double limitsx [2]
 Limits x.
double mean [2]
 The mean curve.
 The spc curve.

Detailed Description

Class for an Statistical Process Control chart.

The user should only create an instance of FXSPC with a given y. This class automatically creates a FXECPCurve for it.

Definition at line 70 of file FXSPC.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FXSPC::FXSPC FXComposite *  parent,
const FXString &  title

Creates a control chart.

Given the title, curve data y, the data length and the delta.

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